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McCarthy Global’s 2016 Christmas Message

As MD of McCarthy Global, I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Merry Christmas to our clients, supporters, partners, friends and family. We’ve reached the end of another tumultuous year. It’s a cliche, but every trip around the sun seems to go faster and faster. Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe … Continue reading “McCarthy Global’s 2016 Christmas Message”

Inflation: what is it and how does it affect businesses?

In 1970, the average Australian full-time wage was about $3,700 per year, the median house price was $17,500, and a copy of the Courier-Mail cost the princely sum of 5c. In 2015, the average full-time wage was $75,000 per year, the median house price was $660,000, and the Courier-Mail would set you back $1.50. This … Continue reading “Inflation: what is it and how does it affect businesses?”

How Marketing (Nearly) Won the Day for Shorten’s ALP

Most people will agree that the Coalition were comprehensively out-campaigned by the ALP in this last election. What was surprising to many, however, was the closeness of the result. Whilst the lead-up polls indicated a close result, many experienced commentators were still surprised by how near we actually came to a change of government. After … Continue reading “How Marketing (Nearly) Won the Day for Shorten’s ALP”

How to Develop the Ultimate Brand in 4 Steps

Successful businesspeople know how important it is to have the “ultimate brand”; they also know that branding runs much deeper than just the superficial aspects such as logo and colours. Therefore, they spend a significant amount of time developing, reviewing and refining every aspect of their brand identity, because it’s one of their key weapons … Continue reading “How to Develop the Ultimate Brand in 4 Steps”

Bulk Delete Bank Statements in Xero

Those who use Xero will know that, whilst their development team is getting better at “taking the padding off” the program, there are still some short-cut functions present in other accounting packages that aren’t included in Xero, which can make simple tasks take much longer than they should. Last year Xero introduced “Find & Recode”, … Continue reading “Bulk Delete Bank Statements in Xero”

3 Things Business Bankers Will Never Tell You

To the average businessperson, the world of business banking is a mystery – and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the banks like it this way. Their processes and procedures seem specifically designed to be as opaque as possible, such that your interactions with them (particularly credit decisions on loan applications) cannot easily be challenged … Continue reading “3 Things Business Bankers Will Never Tell You”

Valuable Lessons From Masters and Dick Smith’s Failure

By now, almost everyone in business will have heard news of the demise of Dick Smith Electronics and the imminent wind-up of Masters Home Improvement. Whilst the failure of neither business should come as much of a surprise in hindsight, it is instructive from the perspective of a business owner to consider exactly what may … Continue reading “Valuable Lessons From Masters and Dick Smith’s Failure”

The Danger of Activist Marketing

Activist marketing is a fairly recent phenomenon. The term is used to describe a marketing strategy wherein a corporation seeks to publicly take a stance on a topical social issue with the predominant purpose of achieving commercial aims, usually to gain media attention and engender brand goodwill. Use of this strategy has become more noticeable … Continue reading “The Danger of Activist Marketing”

What’s Going Wrong at Sizzler?

The owners of Sizzler, Collins Food Limited (ASX: CKF) announced recently that they were planning to close a number of restaurants in the new financial year, citing declining sales (-9.3% in FY14 and -8.5% in FY15). They also announced that they no longer saw Sizzler as a growth prospect in Australia and would not be … Continue reading “What’s Going Wrong at Sizzler?”

The value of inventory management software in your business

Today’s post is courtesy of Unleashed Software, a leading provider of cloud-based inventory management software. We love their software and highly recommend it for any businesses in the manufacturing, wholesale or retail industries. Inventory management is crucial to any business because ineffective management of inventory which is not converted to a product sale is essentially … Continue reading “The value of inventory management software in your business”