Bulk Delete Bank Statements in Xero

Xero Bulk Delete Bank Statements

Those who use Xero will know that, whilst their development team is getting better at “taking the padding off” the program, there are still some short-cut functions present in other accounting packages that aren’t included in Xero, which can make simple tasks take much longer than they should.

Last year Xero introduced “Find & Recode”, a long-awaiting development that allowed the user to search for transactions that met certain criteria and bulk-change certain things such as account code, tax type etc. This was a huge positive step forward but there are others that they haven’t yet turned their attention to.

One source of frustration for Xero users that the developers haven’t yet fixed is to bulk delete bank statements. The requirement to bulk delete bank statements will arise, for example, when a Xero file and automatic bank feeds are set up but the organisation doesn’t go live for a number of months thereafter. You can easily have hundreds of bank statements accrue in that time, particularly if you run multiple bank accounts, PayPal accounts etc.

However, many people don’t realise that Xero has actually released a “tool” (read: dodgy workaround) that can do this for you, via a script loaded into a Firefox plugin called Selenium. Basically, the script will take control of your Firefox window and mimic human interaction with the browser, pressing the required buttons over and over until it’s all done.

It is by no means an easy tool to use, so if you’re not great with technology I do not recommend you use it. However, for those of you who are confident in their abilities, it can potentially save hours of work as it did for me. Here is the link to the tool along with instructions for use:

Xero Bulk Delete Bank Statement Tool

Xero stresses that “there is no undo for this process, [and] you are entirely and solely responsible for using this tool and the outcome at which you arrive.”

Hope this helps a few people out there. Good luck!

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    1. Hi Sean – I do have a saved copy of the file, but I just did a test run and it no longer works with the current Xero release. I’d say this is probably why Xero removed the file. Sorry 🙁

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