Business Finance Broking

In brief

The right finance can facilitate strong sales growth, substantially reduce risk and save you a lot of money. However, for the average businessperson, dealing directly with banks is a time-consuming and frustrating process. McCarthy Global Consulting advocates on behalf of our clients, applying our extensive knowledge of bank policy, business and accounting to negotiate great deals in even the toughest cases. When it comes to business finance broking, there is no one better in the market.

Contribution to success

Firstly, any interest you’re paying above and beyond what you have to is dead money. Say you have $1m in loans priced at 6% when the market is offering 4.8%, that’s $12,000 per year you could be reinvesting in your business or using to build your personal wealth.

Secondly, there are many non-traditional finance products that businesses can utilise to reduce risk (e.g. unmortgage the family home) or facilitate growth, some of which are even offered by banks. If you’re a wholesaling business for example, you probably should be looking into using a trade finance or debtor finance product. These types of products are often not property secured and the limits grow in line with your purchases or debtor ledger, removing a key growth restriction.


We specialise in business finance broking for the following:

  • Complex businesses: Multiple trading entities and group structures are often poorly understood by banks. We use our finance and accounting skills to cut through the complexity and present an easily understandable picture to lenders.
  • Business turnaround: Banks will usually make life difficult for businesses that have made losses in recent years. We can source funding to support a turnaround plan using our relationships with a range of bank and non-bank lenders.
  • Cash flow finance: Many businesses will require cash flow finance to cover their working capital requirements, but may not have real estate available to use as security. MGC has relationships with several lenders that provide working capital finance without needing property security.
  • Property development and investment: MGC intimately understands the property industry and has extensive experience at sourcing development and investment finance.

Next steps

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