Cash Flow Finance

In brief

Almost every business experiences peaks and troughs in their cash flow at various times, particularly manufacturers, wholesale businesses and other businesses that offer trade credit to their customers. Cash flow finance is designed to cater for those short-term peaks and troughs.

Contribution to success

Having the right cash flow finance facilities available is critically important to keep your business running smoothly and to maintain a good reputation with suppliers and employees. It can also allow your business to grow more quickly.


Short-term cash flow shortages can arise from a multitude of events, for example:

  • Business growth
  • Debtor and creditor timing differences
  • Slower debtor payment
  • Seasonality
  • Temporary decline in sales
  • Change in supplier terms

Obtaining funding to cater for these cash flow fluctuations requires an intimate understanding of the drivers of business cash flow, particularly when real estate isn’t available as security. In our experience, many bankers and brokers lack that understanding, and as a result a significant number of good business struggle to obtain funding.

McCarthy Global is different. Our combined skills in accounting, finance and business advisory mean we have a deep understanding of cash flow finance, and we’ll always back ourselves to be able to obtain the right funding package for any well-managed business.

We have relationships with a wide range of banks as well as several specialist cash-flow lenders, many of whom will consider providing funding to businesses without the need for real estate security.

Next steps

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