Digital Strategy & Design

In brief

There is a world of possibility available to businesses who use digital marketing to their advantage. Our focus is on increasing brand exposure and conversion and lowering advertising and marketing costs via use of tools such as your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Mailchimp, YouTube, Google AdWords and SEO.

Contribution to success

Good digital strategy and design contributes to both top line growth and expense reduction. It also ensures that your business maintains its market position; increasingly, businesses who fail to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital world are being overtaken by nimbler, smarter competitors who do.


Depending on the individual needs of your business, we can offer a range of practical services to help you make the most of your online presence.

Digital Strategy Plan: Composing a digital strategy starts with understanding how your business currently markets and advertises itself, and how much you currently spend on these activities. We also seek to understand your brand essence, how best to take advantage of these in your marketing, and whether any changes to branding are required. We’ll then formulate a set of strategies appropriate to your business, incorporating reasons for our recommendations, budgets for any paid items and examples of content appropiate to each online medium. If required we can provide ongoing support to create content, graphics, coaching on use of particular platforms, or analytics comparing the performance of various strategies.

Web Design: As your “digital shopfront”, your web site is a critically important part of your business. Our web design services produce modern, functional, visually appealing websites that look great on any device. All of our design and coding is done in Australia using WordPress, the world’s most popular and best-supported content management system.

Online Advertising: With so many options available for digital advertising, it’s hard for any business to know where to start. We help take the confusion out of the process, providing you with customised recommendations to make the most of your advertising dollar. We can advise on a range of systems such as Google AdWords (including remarketing/retargeting), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. We can also assist in setting up campaigns, creating content and reviewing results.

Web design: past projects

Here is a selection of websites we’ve recently completed on behalf of clients:

Next steps

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