Management Reporting & Financial Analysis

In brief

Management Reporting and Financial Analysis can fill a number of roles depending on business size. In small businesses, we can help bridge the gap between bookkeeper and owners, presenting financial data in an easy-to-understand report to facilitate more informed management decisions. In larger businesses, we can prepare more in-depth financial reports for board or non-financial management use.

Contribution to success

Regularly reviewing your financial statements and other key business information is a critical way to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, but for non-financially minded managers and owners it is a time-consuming and often futile exercise. Having us prepare reports based on an aggregation of your business data will allow you to spend less time analysing data and more time making good decisions.


Depending on the specific information on which you would like us to report, we will generally arrange to obtain the source documents directly from your bookkeeper or staff at the end of each management reporting period (generally monthly or quarterly). We will then ensure that our report is prepared in a timely manner (generally within 7 days of receipt of information) and delivered to you either in person or via email. If required we can also present and discuss the reports at your next board or management meeting.

Next steps

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