Mentoring & Coaching

In brief

One of our core services, our aim with Mentoring & Coaching is to identify your business’s short, medium and long term goals and work with you to achieve them via a mix of structured and unstructured meetings.

Contribution to success

As a business owner, it is all too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of business. You’re generally in the business for a lot of hours each day, and we know it’s hard to find time to sit back and look at the bigger picture amongst constant interruptions. Business can also be a lonely place; many entrepreneurs find it beneficial to bounce ideas and major decisions off an objective adviser. In our experience, having a mentor helps our clients take proactive steps to improve their business and results in a substantial increase in profit.


Our coaching program involves regular site visits; we don’t believe any firm can claim to be a “business adviser” if they don’t take the time to gain a first-hand understanding of how the business operates. The program is structured to a degree; for example:

  • Each financial year we will discuss and agree on specific strategies for the year ahead, as well as creating a cash flow forecast;
  • Each quarter we will measure results against our forecast, and discuss any variances and whether corrective measures need to be put in place;
  • Each month we will perform a brief review of the financials for the previous month to ensure there are no items of major concern.

However, we understand that priorities and business conditions change quickly, and we are experienced and adaptable enough to advise on a wide range of business issues. For that reason we ensure that structure is kept to a minimum, allowing plenty of time to address other challenges and questions.

Next steps

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