Refer a Friend Promotion – Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to McCarthy Global’s “Refer a Friend Promotion”. Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions may mean your participation in the promotion is cancelled and you are no longer eligible to receive any rewards from the promotion.

  1. Only Friends & Family: You must only send referral messages to friends and family. Do not market or promote this offer through paid advertising channels or to the public at large (e.g. on public blog sites, search engines or in sponsored ads).
  2. The Offer:When your friend or family member’s loan is settled, you and your friend will each receive a $100 Coles Group & Myer Gift Card. If for whatever reason McCarthy Global is unable to procure Coles Group & Myer Gift Cards, you will receive a gift card of the same value from a comparable retailer.
  3. Must Apply Via Link: Your friend or family member must contact us using the referral link we have given you. If your friend applies from a separate link or applies independently (i.e. if they visit directly) you will not receive your rewards.
  4. Must Be Approved and Settle: You will only receive rewards if your friend or family member’s loan application is approved and settles. Note: We will not tell you if your friend or family member’s loan application is approved or declined for privacy and confidentiality reasons.
  5. Product Restrictions: The following loan products are ineligible for inclusion in this promotion:
    • Loans less than $300,000
    • Bridging loans
    • Any other loans where the borrower does not expect to remain in the credit contract for at least two years
    • Loans not secured by property (e.g. personal loans, car loans etc)
  6. Existing clients: You may not refer a friend or family member who has previously used McCarthy Global’s services.
  7. Receiving Your Reward:Rewards will be sent via Registered Post within 60 days of the associated loan settling. You must provide us with a valid Australian address in order to receive your rewards. McCarthy Global will not accept responsibility for rewards which are lost or delayed in the mail.
  8. Disclaimer: Your full financial needs and requirements need to be assessed prior to any offer or acceptance of a loan product. Subject to lender terms and conditions.
  9. Licensing Statement: Credit Representative 487548 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence 389328.