Startup Advisory

In brief

Thorough planning is one of the key factors that separates a successful startup from a failure. McCarthy Global Consulting has successfully brought a number of startups to market, and can expertly guide you through the entire process from initial setup to launch.

Contribution to success

Engaging an advisor for your startup business is all about reducing risk and increasing speed to market. Whilst the process might sound simple to the uninitiated, there are many steps in the process and it is important to get the details right from the beginning. Any mistakes can come back to bite you, whether it be unintended tax consequences, poor quality manufacturing, shipping delays, ineffective marketing or myriad others.


MGC can help your startup business with the following:

  • Structuring: Depending on your circumstances, there are a number of way to set up your business. Each has different advantages and disadvantages, and there are different consequences for a number of important matters such as liability of proprietors and taxation of profits and capital gains. We can discuss the different options with you and assist you in deciding the best way to proceed.
  • Setup and Registrations: We are able to take care of all setup and registrations, including companies, trusts, business names, ABN, TFN and anything else required to start your business.
  • Brand Creation: Creating a memorable, attractive brand is critical to a startup’s success. MGC can assist with developing your brand identity, name, slogan, logo and other visual devices, marketing material, business cards and much more.
  • Business plans and forecasts: For a startup business, a comprehensive, soundly conceived business plan is a must. Not only is it invaluable for your own planning purposes, but it is an important part of obtaining bank funding, investor capital or other credit arrangements. We can guide you through the process, ensuring that every aspect is considered to allow your business to get off to a great start.
  • Web Design: Your web site is the “digital shopfront” of your business and as a startup nowadays it is just as important to have a clean, modern, user-friendly website as it is to have a clean, well-presented office or shop. MGC can cost-effectively develop a compelling website that will quickly build credibility with prospective customers.
  • Coaching: The first couple of years in business are usually the hardest, and it helps to have a professional in your corner. MGC have experience in dealing with many startup and young businesses, and can ensure that your fledgling operation has the best possible chance of succeeding.

Next steps

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